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. . . creating life’s most precious memories

          3T Weddings & Event Planning comes with experience and

knowledge about wedding etiquette, handling last minute

emergencies, negotiating contracts, etc. 


I work closely with Event Professionals and recommend the best people for your special day. 




My team and I know how to troubleshoot and smooth over any hiccups on

your wedding day so you never even know anything happened. 



Full Service

3T becomes the advocate for every step of the wedding planning.  The long journey has a lot of emotions along the way, and having someone talented and fun on your side can be crucial.  3T can suggest vendors that fit your budget and style, be present in meetings with vendors and assist with communications between client and vendor. I will work with and support my clients by handling activity; save the date cards, wedding invitations, rehearsal, dinner invitations, menus, place cards, programs, time line for the day of and much more.

My goal is to ensure activity for the wedding stays on track with everything done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

                                                      I am there to help my clients with the the new normal which                                                              will be subject to government guidelines- sanitization, hygiene,                                                        social distancing, etc.  Planning will be more focused on strict                                                          maintaining and enforcement of hygiene and social distancing.                                                        Quality and standards will be more focused on.


                                                      As I work with my clients on the event with recommendations                                                          on smaller guest counts, plated vs buffet, smaller wedding                                                                  parties, favors like customized masks, hand sanitizers, serving                                                        attendants at every food or drink station, larger dance floors. 

                                                      I work consistently with my clients to have much more awareness of the cancellation policies, increase in insurance purchase.  I attend meetings with my clients, and with new normal, be more attentive and work with wedding venues to offer flexibility in money return and cancellation in case of another pandemic.

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In my consultation with you, we will review over 30 detailed items on how 3T will support your wedding. 


Example of a few:

  • First meeting at no cost

  • Create a checklist to help client stay focused and on task

  • Work with couple and the established budget

  • Give budget advice and help with managing the budget                                                                  throughout the planning process

  • Provide three vendor referrals and recommendations for                                                               this event

  • Review contracts and negotiations with vendors

  • Manage, finalize and confirm vendor arrangements                                                 throughout the planning process

  • Monthly one-hour planning meetings throughout the process; meetings become more frequent as we near the event date

  • Can arrange for Bridal Bouquet, boutonniere preservation


This is a passionate business.  I love what I do! 


It’s challenging and rewarding.  When my team and I are the last ones walking out of a venue at the end of an event, with every muscle of our body in pain, we smile and say, “we love it when a plan comes together”.

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Wedding Day Management

Wedding Day Management is full wedding coordination that begins 10-12 weeks out from the wedding day.   It includes

  • Two-hour agenda planning session

  • Timeline planning

  • Detailed floor plan

  • Review of vendor contracts and responsibilities

  • Final walkthrough at the venue

  • Updates – floor plan, décor, timeline

  • One hour for coordination of rehearsal

  • 8 hours on wedding day (3T and Team)

  • Cue & assist vendor, wedding party and couple to keep timeline moving forward through setup, ceremony and reception

  • Distribute and pin all personal flowers

  • Et. al.

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